Turn excavation material into a valuable resource.

The Screening SOIL Guides offer an insight into the processes and specifications that Screening SOIL utilises in its business operations.
Our guide is a clear and concise outline of our screening methodologies.

Site excavation material can be regenerated into a valuable resource, reducing the cost of disposal and replacement.

Site soil is screened to remove large particles, aerate soil and improve structure. Screening soil will assist in meeting the particle size and soil texture requirements of earthwork specifications. Removal of oversized material and physical contamination allows plant roots greater soil penetration resulting in stronger vegetative growth.

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Greater West Landscapes is a Western Sydney based landscape contractor that provides a full range of landscape services for large scale projects.

For over 20 years they have built a reputation of providing diverse, high quality and responsive outcomes for our clients. Their company values are to partner with their clients through the life of the project and beyond. It is their unique approach to contracting that enables them to develop and retain long-standing partnerships.

SOILCO has partnered Greater West Landscapes on a project to reinstate bio-diversity into road infrastructure. A stockpile of approximately 13,000m3 of site won topsoil was screened for use on verges and roadside plantings at Smeaton Grange.

SOILCO provided screening and loading equipment along with experienced operators to undertake the works. Screening was undertaken in 2 stages in 2017. The site soil was a sandy loam to light clay and was screened through a 30mm screen, resulting in a high yield. The finished soil blend was designed to meet requirements of the RMS R179 specification in addition to AS4419 Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use – Natural Soil.

Ameliorants included superphosphate, iron sulphate, gypsum and fertilisers. These were blended with screened soil and GO Compost™ to provide a soil blend suitable for native plantings and roadside applications.

Plantings included Dodonea viscosa, Hardenbergia violacea, Lomandra ‘Tanika’ and Imperata cylindrica.

Growth has been thriving since planting in November 2017. Good moisture retention led to survival of plants in +40 degree summer heat.

Burton Contractors is a multi-disciplined Civil Engineering Contractor approaching 200 employees and a fleet of more than 100 pieces of plant.

Winning major projects in roads and government works have made Burtons one of the fastest growing Civil Engineering Contractors in NSW.

Burton’s has adopted an innovative approach to earthmoving operations to save clients time and money. Off-site disposal of material is minimised by applying blending and other waste reduction practices. Soilco has had a long history of working with Burton Contractors, processing in excess of 22,000 m3 of site soil across several projects in Western Sydney. Processing site soil reduces disposal and produces fit for purpose growing media to be used in onsite landscaping projects.

SOILCO’S Werrington Rd project was to process 2000m3 of fine sandy clay loam. The soil has poor fertility and is slightly acidic, but was non saline and otherwise healthy. Our Keestrack trommel was used to screen the soil to -20mm and then compost and amendments were added to meet chemical and physical specifications. The finished product is being stockpiled on site for use in landscaping as works progress.

For information on how SOILCO can assist with site soil improvement check out our web page here >

When Landscape Solutions needed to get the best out of the existing site soil at Sydney largest family theme park Wet’N’Wild, who did they call? Soilco!

In October of 2013 Soilco assisted InSite Remediation Services for soil works they were undertaking.  A Soilco track mounted Doppstadt trommel was floated 1000km to Mildura for a project which included screening 8000m3 of site soil.