Screening Soil in Mildura

In October of 2013 Soilco assisted InSite Remediation Services for soil works they were undertaking.  A Soilco track mounted Doppstadt trommel was floated 1000km to Mildura for a project which included screening 8000m3 of site soil.

A feature of the local soils is that they contained a layer of naturally occurring gypsum material. The onsite soils were excavated and the gypsum crushed and the materials screened through the trommel to remove the gypsum and homogenise the soils. Once screened, the materials were placed back into the excavations on the site for continued use as a commercial/industrial yard.

The Doppstadt trommel was fitted with a 40mm revolving drum screen to assist in breaking up the soil and gypsum and then remove the oversize. Prior to commencement Soilco modified the trommel to suit the customer requirements. A cover was installed to enclose trommel for dust suppression and enable air monitoring. The hiring option selected was dry hire so after setup and induction the client’s operator was able to operate the trommel by use of a control panel and remote control.

As a result of soil screening, the materials were able to be retained onsite and not disposed to landfill as unnecessary and expensive landfill materials.  The screened, homogenised stockpiled materials were then ready to be re-compacted and regraded to the new site RLs for the site saving the cost of tipping and importation of new quarried fill materials.

InSite Remediation Services were pleased with the performance of the trommel unit. InSite Remediation Services Operations Manager, Paul Cheadle, indicated that the Doppstadt is a really good choice for works of this type. The ease of operation, the productivity and the low running costs made the choice simple for our business. The ability for InSite to operate this equipment at a high level of productivity without the need for specialist operators allowed us to keep the cost of screening low.  The service and responsiveness of SoilCo was greatly appreciated and the equipment was provided in excellent condition. We look forward to working with SoilCo again on similar projects.

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